Orphans and other Vulnerable Children

HIV/AIDS/Orphans and other Vulnerable Children (OVC) Project


It’s estimated that 6 million people are living with AIDS in Uganda: approximately More than 10.000 children under 15 are currently living with HIV and AIDS. That’s why Serving hearts-Uganda has prevention programs to stop the spread of AIDS and protection programs to help children who have been orphaned or are vulnerable due to the infection.

A growing body of evidence demonstrates how children living with or affected by HIV and AIDS are especially vulnerable to issues of violence, abuse, stigma and discrimination. Serving hearts-Uganda works to prevent the spread of HIV and ensure children affected by AIDS get the help they need. With the support from individuals we help communities to care for sick and vulnerable children, as well as provide education, emotional support, nutritious food and much more.

Serving Hearts-Uganda envisions a country where children and families can live free of HIV infection and in which families that are affected by HIV and AIDS can live positively and productively without stigma and discrimination.