Menstrual hygiene management

This photo shows how cheap, washable, reusable sanitary pads are preventing girls from missing school in Butanda subcounty in Ndorwa west, Kabale district -Uganda.

Cheap, reusable sanitary pads are helping to keep Poor and vulnerable girls in school.

In Uganda, menstruation is not a frequently discussed topic, yet it is a big problem for teenage girls. Faced with the prospect of using rags, past papers, leaves among others to curb the flow of blood, many girls choose not to go to school during their period.

Before SHU pads Bridget used rags and leaves(ebigorogoro) to manage her periods.

When Bridget, 15, got her first period, she stayed at home because she was embarrassed. “Sometimes blood would come out onto my dress,” she says. “The leaves I used even fell down when I was walking.”

In addition, girls endure attitudes that stigmatize menstruating women and girls as dirty, and many are too ashamed to leave home while they are bleeding. Missing school for an extended time every month is detrimental to girls ‘education and which means they fall behind their male peers.