Kabale District is characterized of the following challenges:
Steep hills facilitating soil erosion


High population density that encourages land fragmentation, land shortage, continuous cropping on the same piece of land, soil exhaustion hence poor crop yields, food insecurity and income level by women, elderly, youth, and vulnerable Children.

Poor land tenure system that hinders vulnerable groups to attain and earn a decent life.

Persistently low, income levels by most households of the youth, VC and women with a person earning less than one dollar per day;

Low education levels of the children of the vulnerable women despite the government UPE education program.

Unemployment of the Youth causing some to participate in drug abuse and high crime rates.


Poor health conditions and disease of Youth, women, VC and elderly; necessitating interventions to strengthen prevention of HIV spread among others and community awareness.

Poor water, sanitation and hygiene that facilitate disease among the target community.